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Danske Bank

Set a budget. Search for a home. It's really that easy.

Set a budget. Search for a home. It's really that easy.


Sunday is a service by Danske Bank (en. "The Danish Bank") to help people find the perfect home that fits their budget.

To introduce future homeowners to the service, we were asked to produce animations to support and visualize the steps that they will have to take to get going with Sunday. Especially with an onboarding that comes with some requirements, we aimed at preparing the user to have specific information ready before the signup process starts.

Below we have compiled the different animations we produced in the order of the onboarding process along with the accompanying text.


Let's get started

It's super easy and nonbinding to set up a profile – no matter what bank you're at.


It's all about you

The first step is to get an overview over your economy as it si right here and now. We'll help you with that.

Where do you live?
What are you doing for a living?
How much do you earn?


A peak into the future

If you have any plans like buying a new car in the near future, write that down as well. This way you'll get the best overview over you economy possible.


Security and sharing of data

If you'd like to talk to an advisor about your opportunities, she'll need access to your information in Sunday including you tax information. NemID ensures your data is safe and secure.

NemID is a two-factor authentication system used by every danish citizen.


Last step

In order for the advisor to get the most accurate picture of your possibilities, you'll need to give them access to your retirement information. If you're saving with Danske Bank or Danica, you can do this via online-banking. Otherwise you can collect the info from your bank and send it to your advisor.


The hunt for your dreamhouse

Now that you have an overview over your economy, you can start with the search for houses and apartments that match your dreams as well as your economy.

What we did

-> Design
-> Illustration
-> Animation


Danske Bank
(en. "The Danish Bank")


Creative Direction
Nicolaj Larsson

Art Direction
Bjarne Christensen
Philip von Borries

Production Management
Martin Axelsson

Philip von Borries
Bjarne Christensen

Philip von Borries

Philip von Borries