Travelers' stories

Travelers' stories

The journey
that changed my life. 

The journey
that changed my life. 

The beauty of travel is that it enriches your life, and opens up unknown paths.

When you see the world, you gain new perspectives and priorities which can change you, and the world, for the better.

According to surveys SAS has conducted, true travelers have several traits in common, and being open-minded is one of them. You also often want to change the world and find new priorities and ideas while traveling. 

This is SAS new podcast, ‘Travelers’ Stories: The Journey That Changed My Life’. In this five episode series, you will meet people who traveled abroad and suddenly found themselves in a situation that changed the course of their life.

To help get the word out, we were tasked with visualizing some soundbites from the podcast series to create some moody teasers.


What we did

-> Direction
-> Concept & Visual Development
-> Design
-> Illustration
-> Animation
-> Sound Design


2 months


Scandinavian Airlines




Director & Art Director
Nicolaj Larsson

Production Manager
Martin Axelsson

Sound Design
Natal Zaks

Design Lead
Lasse Steinmetz Mikkelsen 

Additional Design
Xenia Galchin
Caroline Kjellberg

Xenia Galchin

Xenia Galchin
Lasse Steinmetz Mikkelsen
Philip von Borries

Motion Design & Compositing
Martin Kundby