Danmarks Indsamling

Sulter der æder alt

For years Kommunikationsbureauet København has entrusted us with producing the annual, animated Danmarks Indsamling film to raise funds and commit them towards the biggest challenges of our time. The goal for the fundraiser of 2018 was to help children without a home.

The story revolves around a curious, five-year-old girl whose attention is captured by a hopeless boy depicted in the daily newspaper. Her immediate urge to help not only unravels further events, but also inspires to rediscover our common humanity through the eyes of a child. 

We are grateful to Danmarks Indsamling for letting us be part of this good cause and are uplifted by it every year.



Danmarks Indsamling 


Kommunikations-bureauet København

Directed by


Creative Direction
Nicolaj Larsson

Art Direction
Nicolaj Larsson
Lasse Steinmetz

Production Management
Martin Axelsson

Lasse Steinmetz

Cel Animation
Lasse Steinmetz

2D Animation
Nicolaj Larsson

Original Music & Sound Design
Natal Zaks