It pays to be part of something bigger

Nykredit is the largest lender in Denmark and is owned by an association of their own customers. And that means they reap a multitude of benefits.

Denmark may be a small country, but we have never been too small to join forces for big dreams. That's how we Danes came to have our own mills, dairies and founded credit unions, making it possible to borrow for one's own home and business. It is such an association that today owns the vast majority of Nykredit. So when progress is made, it's for the benefit of the customers. Benefit as in discounts on fees on loans and investments, pennies and nickels back and the opportunity to live and drive greener.

To drive this often overlooked point home, Nykredit set out to make this a key communication goal with their latest campaign for which we crafted abstract visuals around the benefit pie chart which we elevated into the thrid dimension. In the end, we put together a toolkit for Nykredit to mix and match for each context of benefits.

Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 16.29.24
Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 16.28.32
Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 16.29.55

What we did

-> Concept Development
-> Design
-> Animation
-> Original Music & Sound Design




Creative Direction
Nicolaj Larsson

Production Management
Martin Axelsson

Andreas Elleby Jørgensen

Andreas Elleby Jørgensen

Original Music & Sound Design
Natal Zaks