Hush, hush

Hush, hush

How we reached the finish line despite having been let down.

Our client got bought and shut down the project just before the deadline.

We were hired to do an animated brandfilm for an online magazine writing about eSports.

Just a few days before putting on the last touches, we were informed that the company had been sold and the new owners had unfortunately chosen to shut down the project.

Shaking from the bad news, we decided to pick up the pieces and finish it anyway hoping that someone out there might enjoy it.


Esports are here to stay

Gaming is immersive. It’s interactive. It is the ultimate amalgamation of human creativity: visual arts, animation, sound, music, interaction—all in real time.

The sheer variety of games available today is overwhelming. While multiplayer games presumably make up a fraction of all games, they are set apart by unique aspects that draw so many people to play, watch and follow many of these games: teamwork and competition.

The Esports industry is booming and set to compete with traditional sports both in viewership and revenue. While Esports are raising eyebrows in public discourse, teams are forming, fans are filling stadiums, and players are earning prizes and titles.


Throughout this piece, we visit competitive games from various genres. Inspired by typical design of gaming gear, we aimed to restrict each frame to one strong primary and one secondary color on monochrome. Each secondary color becomes the primary color in the following sequence.

We created unique characters for each of the currently popular Esports genres: battle royale, FPS shooters, sports simulators and battle arenas.


What we did

-> Concept
-> Design
-> Illustration
-> Animation
-> Original Music & Sound Design




Creative Direction
Nicolaj Larsson

Art Direction
Nicolaj Larsson

Production Management
Martin Axelsson

Xenia Galchin

Xenia Galchin

Design Development
Xenia Galchin
Lasse Steinmetz

Martin Kundby

Xenia Galchin

2D Animation
Philip von Borries
Martin Kundby

Traditional Animation
Xenia Glachin
Lasse Steinmetz
Philip von Borries

Martin Kundby

Original Music & Sound Design
Natal Zaks