Børns Vilkår


We've had the pleasure of helping the Danish organization Børns Vilkår (Eng. “Children’s Conditions”), who is fighting for children’s rights to a safe childhood.

This first film is targeted at young people who may be living in an abusive environment. A young man tells the story of how the Children's Telephone has impacted his life and the one of his alcoholic father. A mixture between the portrayal of events in a more literal sense and the visualization of feelings through metaphors proved to be a good recipe to both convey understanding of the child's situation while lowering the hurdle to take action by telling a specific success story.

Like any project for a good cause, it has been a tremendous pleasure to work on twofold: we get to do what we love and help make a change for the better.



Børns Vilkår 



Directed by


Creative Direction
Nicolaj Larsson

Art Direction
Lasse Steinmetz
Nicolaj Larsson

Production Management
Martin Axelsson

Lasse Steinmetz

Lasse Steinmetz

Cel Animation
Lasse Steinmetz

Original Music & Sound Design
Natal Zaks